Joe Spano an actor who dreamed of becoming a celebrity and says he feels very satisfied with his work and his loved ones

, a famous story worthwhile. This two million dollar actor born in San Francisco began his career in improvisations and theatrical productions of San Francisco to which he belonged for more than a decade. When he moved to Los Angeles he began to work in film and television, becoming known for his co-symbolic role in NCIS.

Joe Spano was born on July 7, to American parents. From a young age, I dreamed of becoming famous. In the 70s after his participation in the improvisation group of San Francisco, he moved to Hollywood where he appeared in photos with guests on television.
Until 1976 makes its appearance in The Enforcer, then in 1978 in a program called Northern Lights. But it was in 1981 that he became better known by showing himself as Lieutenant Henry Goldblume on Hill Street Blues, where he was for seven years. And at present, he is even more famous for his participation in the well-known television series NCIS, where he plays Tobias C. Fornell, a special agent of the FBI.
Spano became a great Hollywood celebrity; his increasingly more and better appearances have made his heritage grow, being selected as Henry Goldblume his fame increase, which prompted him to look into crime series such as “NYPD Blue” and “Murder One.” He was also participating in 27 feature films. Joe Spano was with Tom Hanks on “Apollo 13”.
Joe Spano is a theater artist who managed to enter Broadway stages with dramas like “The Cost” and “American Buffalo”, as well as participate in “Brotherhood of Justice” a film for television.
All these large participations have made their net worth improve. A celebrity is known for his dramatic roles in infamous series and detective films.
This healthy 71-year-old actor is married to a therapist and lives in the United States, of Christian faith and says he feels very satisfied with his work and his loved ones